uDMS is now called ECM4LN

Its new name reflects the transition from DMS to ECM systems

Nowadays, to keep calling advanced document management systems ‘DMS’ doesn’t really do them justice. Document management systems – which digitally manage hard-copy documents – have long since evolved into ‘enterprise content management systems’, which enable companies to manage, archive and process all forms of information as part of a holistic process.

Cronon AG has taken note of this trend and is changing the name of its universal document management interface (uDMS) to universal enterprise content management interface for Infor LN (ECM4LN). With the aid of this interface, the most diverse ECM systems – including ECM Workflow – can be linked to Infor LN, Infor Baan IV and Infor Baan 5 in record time.

If you have any questions about our ECM4LN universal interface, please e-mail us at erp@cronon.net – Ivan Dreznjak and Tihomir Jurcevic will be happy to answer your queries.