New ERP user report: ÜSTRA migrates to Infor LN FP10

As one of the leading German public transportation providers, ÜSTRA requires a powerful ERP system. A system that incorporates new technologies providing more profitability, stronger connectivity and faster speeds, and through which ÜSTRA can quickly react to changing requirements. In line with these requirements, ÜSTRA’s core task was to migrate to the Infor LN FP10 ERP system, which precisely fulfils these specifications. All functionalities of the existing ERP system needed to be transferred to the new one and some external systems had to be integrated by means of migration. The system customizations needed to be replaced – these were necessary in the past but are now available as standard in the new Infor LN version. An important objective here was to secure the release capability of the ERP system, so that future updates can be made without encountering any problems.

Following the kick-off in December 2015, a project duration spanning 14 months and the realization of three successful simulations and a timely live launch in January 2017, ÜSTRA has now implemented a modern release – ready ERP system, which can be updated in the future at moderate expense. ÜSTRA employees now work on a completely different interface, which simplifies the user experience by means of an attractive and context – sensitive user interface.