Cronon and HABEL enter into a partnership to enable easy integration of document  management systems

The partnership between Cronon and HABEL aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises tackle the important challenge concerning the digitalisation of business processes. Document processes throughout businesses are becoming automated – in a legally compliant, fast and simple manner. Staff are thus gaining more time to focus on their primary tasks, while service quality and customer satisfaction also increase.

HABEL was founded in 1991 and is one of the pioneers in the digitization of documents. HABEL was the first company, which successfully implemented barcode recognition for archiving documents and is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of document management.

Cronon has developed an enterprise content management interface (ECM4LN), a quick and convenient method of integrating enterprise content management solutions (ECM) and document management systems (DMS) – like this from HABEL – in Infor LN/Baan systems. ECM4LN also enables integration of workflow components in a broad variety of ECM/DMS solutions.

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