Did you hesitate before answering the question? Maybe all you’re missing is the right standard solution! One that is tailored precisely to meet the requirements of your industry, that can be adapted individually, and that will expand as you grow.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing support of your IT systems, an in-depth feasibility study or rapid project implementation – you’ve come to the right place with us!

Do you place your trust in established standards, yet maintain the belief that individualisation is more than a superfluous luxury?

Then we share a common belief! We draw on firmly established standard software that we adapt flexibly to accommodate your specific needs, adding individual developments as required.


You will find solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) at Cronon AG. Cronon, an official reseller partner of Infor Global Solutions, reliably provides all you need for robust ERP solutions ranging from Infor LN to Infor Baan 5.0c and Infor Baan IV.

Established standard software can be deployed in a wide variety of areas. However, nowadays companies quickly reach the limits of standard solutions, and individualisation has become anything but a luxury. It has become a corporate necessity! Benefit from our long-standing experience in ERP projects of different scales and across a host of industries.

✓ Benefit from our long-standing experience in ERP projects of different scales and across a host of industries.

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Need company software that is professionally managed but which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Company software that manages your company from incoming orders to purchasing, materials logistics and production, through to accounting and controlling?

Then you should take a look at our ERP plug & play solution:

The Infor LN Plug&Play company software is as simple and reliable as power from the socket. It presents an opportunity for smaller companies, too, especially if they run an ERP solution by Infor in the high-performance data centre at Cronon AG, and comes with a host of interesting options –at a fair monthly price.

Some key data on our Berlin data centre:

  • Net installation space: 4.000 m² (43,000 sq. ft.), spread over 5 rooms
  • Emergency power supply for an entire week
  • separate power supplies for external connections
  • Air conditioning with double redundancy
  • latest fire-alarm systems
  • 24/7 security service
  • ISO 27001 TÜV-certified

The software Infor LN/Baan can also be operated on your system and on your premises.

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Do you see customer contact as an opportunity to boost both customer loyalty and profits?

Then you need a CRM solution that enables your employees to remain in constant dialogue with all your customers.

The business of sales and marketing does not consist merely of handling orders! It is also necessary to foster contacts and relationships, to organise activities and to monitor their progress.

Medium-sized enterprises invest in far-reaching CRM environments, provided they are
simple to implement,
easy to use,
and maintenance-friendly.

The demand for CRM integrators is growing the fastest. These are solutions that come with a high degree of integration and which also offer a wide variety of methodologies intended for process automation.

And Infor LN CRM ticks all of these boxes.

✓ Just contact us and get to know this new CRM solution for Infor LN.

Are you able to quickly and efficiently organise and analyse your business information?

Infor ION enables an entirely new kind of connection. Infor ION supports a smooth flow of information across practically the entire range of software in your company.

For instance, your ERP system can be linked directly with web services. Processes can also be linked in company networks throughout the entire ERP system. This enables your staff to collaborate using the entire variety of applications, regardless of their department.

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Infor ION simplifies the process of sharing information and joint data storage, helping small to medium-sized enterprises introduce workflows across the boundaries of individual applications. In this, Infor ION draws on open data standards.

Infor ION comprises the following components:

  • Infor ION Desk – an intuitive graphical user interface for configuring all Infor ION components. Infor ION Desk places IT administrators and end users alike in a position to monitor and manage their workflow status and document data traffic. Furthermore, the system permits the identification of workflow irregularities and monitoring of performance indicators, while introducing greater transparency to overall network efficiency.
  • Infor ION Connect – a common foundation for communications and secure, shared data use across all applications – regardless of whether these applications are hosted on servers inside the company, in the cloud or in hybrid implementations.
  • Infor ION Workflow – this component enables you to pass on information and tasks within an automated workflow while monitoring their execution.
  • Infor ION Event Management – this event manager lets you define relevant business events that represent the basis for downstream workflow stages.

Don’t you sometimes wish that everything in your company would run like clockwork?

And that your workflows are so streamlined that

  • process costs are reduced,
  • you have an overview of your inventory at all times,
  • you can free up additional capacity,
  • you have planning security?

If that’s the case, you should take a closer look at Infor Factory Track!

Infor Factory Track will provide a comprehensive solution so manufacturers can increase their operational efficiency and improve visibility across the warehouse and the shop floor. The solution offers three key modules:

  • Infor Warehouse Mobility Warehouse Mobility will help organizations simplify inventory management, automate data collection with mobile bar code scanners and eliminate errors and inventory write-offs. This real-time inventory management solution will also help manufacturers gain visibility into their material movements and automate both inbound, outbound logistics.

Infor Warehouse Mobility – Cronon expertise
Infor Warehouse Mobility – Cronon references
Infor Warehouse Mobility – overview
Infor Warehouse Mobility – benefits
Infor Warehouse Mobility – product overview
Infor Warehouse Mobility – kanban
Infor Warehouse Mobility – transactions

  • Infor Time Track will collect labor time and attendance and provide easy payroll extracts to feed payroll applications. Synchronizing the workforce with manufacturing activities will allow organizations to increase productivity and control labor costs.

Infor Time Track

  • Infor Shop Floor will automate production schedule execution, dispatch operations and work center operations. This solution will also enable paperless shop floor operations to allow greater visibility of the shop floor, increased process control and greater accountability.

Infor Shop Floor

From top to bottom, Infor Factory Track supports all the functions of the enterprise and has the capabilities to increase inventory accuracy, reduce inventory carrying costs, reduce overhead, understand the true cost associated with labor, create strategic plans, and increase compliance and traceability.

Do you want to quickly and precisely record the flow of materials throughout your entire company?

In this case, you should take a closer look at the transactions that Infor Warehouse Mobility offers!

Infor Warehouse Mobility comes with a broad spectrum of helpful transactions across the entire supply chain:

Inventory management/warehouse management

  • Transactions that streamline receipt of goods and warehouse movements, minimise errors and provide information in real time:
  • Receipt of goods with direct stock entry and automatic label printing
  • External processing with reports on work cycle and production jobs
  • Incoming goods inspections
  • Processing of returns and follow-up deliveries
  • Inventory support
  • Label-based stocktaking
  • Warehouse management

Production management

Transactions that report production and manufacturing data in real time:

  • Report completion of work cycle
  • Report completion of production job
  • Start/stop of work cycle with logged time
  • Report of hours taken

Extended warehouse management/dispatch

Transactions for material flow that seamlessly complement and upgrade the warehouse functionalities of your Infor LN/Baan system

  • Kanban
  • Consignment warehouse
  • Super shipping
  • Storage space movements
  • Automatic creation of delivery slips and freight documents

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Would you like to be able to quickly analyse your business performance data?

This is where Infor CPM comes in! Infor supports its clients in the field of performance management by providing an established, progressive and independent family of solutions known by the name of Infor CPM. It is used wherever the diverse and strict requirements placed in planning, reporting and analysis can no longer be handled by heterogeneous ERP systems, insular solutions or Excel tables.

Infor CPM services at a glance:

  • Integration capacity for a huge variety of different systems
  • Data aggregation and consolidation
  • Planning and forecast functions
  • Report and dashboard functionalities
  • Meeting the requirements of documentation and reporting
  • Sharing of information
  • Analysis functions
  • Security
  • Upgradability and flexibility

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Do you have a system with which you can reliably plan and monitor the maintenance and servicing of your machines, vehicles and systems?

If not, Infor EAM can be a huge help for you. This system assists you in your plans and decisions in the field of systems management and in cutting energy costs.

Infor EAM helps you to…

  • keep your systems, machines and facilities available, reliable and safe,
  • achieve your goals in terms of environmental protection, compliance and service quality,
  • cut your inventories, purchasing costs and energy consumption,
  • boost staff productivity, and
  • reach decisions faster.

And it doesn’t really matter whether you are responsible for maintenance and servicing processes for a manufacturer, dealer, service provider or a government agency.

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Infor EAM can do a whole lot more

When it comes to system maintenance, apart from monitoring and transparency, Infor EAM offers you profound insight into servicing processes, helping you remove inefficient process stages and hence boost work efficiency. Additionally, optimised purchasing and inventory monitoring also contributes to cutting costs. Deploying Infor EAM software streamlines your servicing plans, reduces downtime rates for your production systems, supports your risk management and facilitates precise strategic planning. Infor EAM can present references from a wide variety of different industries.

Do you wish you had a compact visual overview of your database systems? An overview that allows you to intervene decisively at an early point in time?

Then we have exactly the right solution for you:
The Enterprise Management Dashboard (EMD)!

The EMD queries your database-based systems for the data that you wish to keep an overview of all the time, and displays the results in a user-friendly dashboard.

  • we prepare the EMD for the data that are important to you
  • a VPN connection is used to integrate the EMD into your infrastructure
  • once integrated, the EMD automatically checks the linked systems
  • a clearly structured screen shows you the monitoring results – in real time
  • from the overview, you are just a click away from the information you need
  • upon request, we can customise the look of the EMD to match your corporate design

The key benefits of the EMD:

  • all important data are available at a glance
  • bundling different system data in an upstream system
  • allows for the integration of all database-based systems
  • displays real-time data where available in the systems
  • individual queries to analyse a highly diverse range of issues
  • guaranteed user-friendliness thanks to graphic data presentation
  • user roles enable individualised access
  • VPN for rapid and simple integration
  • remote Internet access to the EMD from any location
  • no licensing costs
  • dashboard screens can be configured to match your corporate design

You will find more information on the Enterprise Management Dashboard (EMD) in the EMD product leaflet

Fast and convenient enterprise content management in Infor LN/Baan: integration of leading ECM systems in record times without having to existing reports

The Cronon AG universal enterprise content management interface (ECM4LN) helps you connect the ERP solutions

  • Infor LN
  • Infor Baan 5
  • Infor Baan IV

to a variety of very different ECM suites in record time.

It is the simplicity of integration – requiring no adaptation of existing reports – into the respective Infor LN/Baan system that makes this new interface so special!

All documents accompanying the business process can be archived directly from Infor LN/Baan in a manner that fulfils the requirements of future audits.

Particular advantages of this solution:

  • High integration capacity of the interface within the Infor LN/Baan environment permits extremely rapid return on investment
  • The ECM4LN can be accessed from Infor LN/Baan without your users leaving their familiar environment
  • Seamless integration of the interface into the system means your users can continue to work without additional training.

Please find additional details on the Cronon AG universal enterprise content management interface in the product leaflet “ECM4LN”

The product leaflet “ECM4LN workflow” provides you with details on the Cronon AG universal workflow interface used to connect Infor LN/Baan with enterprise content management systems.

The EASY ECM Suite, brought to you by EASY SOFTWARE AG, comprises everything that you’d expect from a classic document management system – i.e. archiving and search functions. These include:

  • Scanning and recognition of documents
  • Linkage of workflows such as the receipt of invoices
  • Auditable archives
  • Contract management
  • HR management

As a partner of EASY SOFTWARE AG, Cronon AG offers full project management for the EASY ECM Suite from a single source – from the launch and installation to after-sales support.

Cronon is especially experienced in integrating the EASY ECM Suite into the Infor LN/Baan ERP system. Thanks to the universal document management interface (uDMS) by Cronon AG, Infor LN can be incorporated into the EASY ECM Suite in record time.

Are your databases optimised and secure?

An optimised database speeds up your work, while a secure database is the best means of protecting highly sensitive company data.

The services that Cronon AG offers cover a broad range, beginning with the development of database concepts and structures, and extending from individual databases through to the automated generation of standardised database systems.

Our services at a glance:

  • Development of database concepts and structures
  • Capacity planning
  • Selection and procurement of suitable hardware and software
  • Installation and configuration of databases
  • Data migration
  • Design and realisation of access rights and quotas
  • Planning and implementation of backup/recovery scenarios
  • Performance analysis and optimisation
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation and configuration of database monitoring
  • System maintenance updates (switching versions)
  • Upgrades (installing new servers and/or operating systems)
  • Specific client training
  • Licensing

Here, you will find product leaflets containing detailed information:

Do you have any questions?

Your contact persons Ivan Dreznjak and Dietmar Müller are happy to help regarding any ERP or ECM topics.