ECM integration with Infor LN/Baan in record time

Fast and convenient enterprise content management in Infor LN/Baan: integration of leading ECM systems in record times without having to existing reports

The Cronon GmbH universal enterprise content management interface (ECM4LN) helps you connect the ERP solutions. To a variety of very different ECM suites in record time.

  • Infor LN

  • Infor Baan 5

  • Infor Baan IV

It is the simplicity of integration – requiring no adaptation of existing reports – into the respective Infor LN/Baan system that makes this new interface so special!

All documents accompanying the business process can be archived directly from Infor LN/Baan in a manner that fulfils the requirements of future audits.

Particular advantages of this solution

  • High integration capacity of the interface within the Infor LN/Baan environment permits extremely rapid return on investment

  • The ECM4LN can be accessed from Infor LN/Baan without your users leaving their familiar environment

  • Seamless integration of the interface into the system means your users can continue to work without additional training.

More about the universal ECM interface


  • Connect ECM and document management systems quickly and reliably to ERP systems from Infor

  • Simplify scanning and archiving of documents

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ECM4LN Workflow

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