All database-based systems at a glance

Do you wish you had a compact visual overview of your database systems? An overview that allows you to intervene decisively at an early point in time?

Then we have exactly the right solution for you:
The Enterprise Management Dashboard (EMD)!

The EMD queries your database-based systems for the data that you wish to keep an overview of all the time, and displays the results in a user-friendly dashboard

  • we prepare the EMD for the data that are important to you

  • a VPN connection is used to integrate the EMD into your infrastructure

  • once integrated, the EMD automatically checks the linked systems

  • a clearly structured screen shows you the monitoring results – in real time

  • from the overview, you are just a click away from the information you need

  • upon request, we can customise the look of the EMD to match your corporate design

The key benefits of the EMD

  • all important data are available at a glance

  • bundling different system data in an upstream system

  • allows for the integration of all database-based systems

  • displays real-time data where available in the systems

  • individual queries to analyse a highly diverse range of issues

  • guaranteed user-friendliness thanks to graphic data presentation

  • user roles enable individualised access

  • VPN for rapid and simple integration

  • remote Internet access to the EMD from any location

  • no licensing costs

  • dashboard screens can be configured to match your corporate design

User reports to EMD

With EMD on Infor LN for faster response times

RESULTS: Optimized financial management through seamless monitoring of the ERP system, general system environment and database environment

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Do you have any questions?

Your contact persons Ivan Dreznjak and Dietmar Müller are happy to help regarding any ERP or ECM topics.