Established performance management

Would you like to be able to quickly analyse your business performance data?

This is where Infor CPM comes in! Infor supports its clients in the field of performance management by providing an established, progressive and independent family of solutions known by the name of Infor CPM. It is used wherever the diverse and strict requirements placed in planning, reporting and analysis can no longer be handled by heterogeneous ERP systems, insular solutions or Excel tables.

Infor CPM services at a glance

  • Integration capacity for a huge variety of different systems

  • Data aggregation and consolidation

  • Planning and forecast functions

  • Report and dashboard functionalities

  • Meeting the requirements of documentation and reporting

  • Sharing of information

  • Analysis functions

  • Security

  • Upgradability and flexibility

Do you have any questions?

Your contact persons Ivan Dreznjak and Dietmar Müller are happy to help regarding any ERP or ECM topics.