Reliable investment management

Do you have a system with which you can reliably plan and monitor the maintenance and servicing of your machines, vehicles and systems?

If not, Infor EAM can be a huge help for you. This system assists you in your plans and decisions in the field of systems management and in cutting energy costs.

Infor EAM helps you to…

  • keep your systems, machines and facilities available, reliable and safe,

  • achieve your goals in terms of environmental protection, compliance and service quality,

  • cut your inventories, purchasing costs and energy consumption,

  • boost staff productivity, and

  • reach decisions faster.

And it doesn’t really matter whether you are responsible for maintenance and servicing processes for a manufacturer, dealer, service provider or a government agency.

Infor EAM can do a whole lot more

When it comes to system maintenance, apart from monitoring and transparency, Infor EAM offers you profound insight into servicing processes, helping you remove inefficient process stages and hence boost work efficiency. Additionally, optimised purchasing and inventory monitoring also contributes to cutting costs. Deploying Infor EAM software streamlines your servicing plans, reduces downtime rates for your production systems, supports your risk management and facilitates precise strategic planning. Infor EAM can present references from a wide variety of different industries.

Do you have any questions?

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