Three key modules for more efficiency

Don’t you sometimes wish that everything in your company would run like clockwork?

And that your workflows are so streamlined that

  • process costs are reduced,

  • you have an overview of your inventory at all times,

  • you can free up additional capacity,

  • you have planning security?

If that’s the case, you should take a closer look at Infor Factory Track!

Infor Factory Track will provide a comprehensive solution so manufacturers can increase their operational efficiency and improve visibility across the warehouse and the shop floor. The solution offers three key modules:

Optimize operations, increase efficiency

From top to bottom, Infor Factory Track supports all of the company’s capabilities and provides the ability to increase inventory accuracy, reduce inventory costs, reduce overhead, capture actual labor costs, create strategic plans, and increase compliance and traceability.

Warehouse Mobility will help organizations simplify inventory management, automate data collection with mobile bar code scanners and eliminate errors and inventory write-offs. This real-time inventory management solution will also help manufacturers gain visibility into their material movements and automate both inbound, outbound logistics.

Infor Warehouse Mobility – Cronon expertise
Infor Warehouse Mobility – Cronon references
Infor Warehouse Mobility – overview
Infor Warehouse Mobility – benefits
Infor Warehouse Mobility – product overview
Infor Warehouse Mobility – kanban
Infor Warehouse Mobility – transactions

will collect labor time and attendance and provide easy payroll extracts to feed payroll applications. Synchronizing the workforce with manufacturing activities will allow organizations to increase productivity and control labor costs.

Infor Time Track

will automate production schedule execution, dispatch operations and work center operations. This solution will also enable paperless shop floor operations to allow greater visibility of the shop floor, increased process control and greater accountability.

Infor Shop Floor

From top to bottom, Infor Factory Track supports all the functions of the enterprise and has the capabilities to increase inventory accuracy, reduce inventory carrying costs, reduce overhead, understand the true cost associated with labor, create strategic plans, and increase compliance and traceability.

Solutions on Infor Factory Track

Infor WM Kanban

  • Simplify material management in production

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Infor WM transaction

  • Record material movements precisely and control them efficiently

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Infor time track

  • Synchronize and optimally manage staff and location activities

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