ERP standard meets individual requirement

Do you place your trust in established standards, yet maintain the belief that individualisation is more than a superfluous luxury?

Then we share a common belief! We draw on firmly established standard software that we adapt flexibly to accommodate your specific needs, adding individual developments as required.

You will find solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) at Cronon GmbH. Cronon, an official reseller partner of Infor Global Solutions, reliably provides all you need for robust ERP solutions ranging from Infor LN to Infor Baan 5.0c and Infor Baan IV.

Established standard software can be deployed in a wide variety of areas. However, nowadays companies quickly reach the limits of standard solutions, and individualisation has become anything but a luxury. It has become a corporate necessity! Benefit from our long-standing experience in ERP projects of different scales and across a host of industries.

✓ Benefit from our long-standing experience in ERP projects of different scales and across a host of industries.

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User reports on Infor LN / Baan

Migration from Infor Baan 5 to Infor LN FP10

MODULES: Finance, Purchasing, Warehousing, Service, Production, Controlling
ADDITIONAL SOLUTIONS: Entiac, Boom Software, Saperion ECM

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Migration from Infor Baan IV to Infor LN FP5

MODULES: Infor WM Transactions (Infor Warehouse Mobility, Universal Document Management Interface, ILS Interface to High Bay Warehouse)

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Migration from Infor Baan 4 to Infor LN

RESULTS: Contract management and billing for over 1.4 million customers, more than 30 million invoices fully automated, reduction of shipping costs by 90%

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Introduction Mail PlugIn with Infor LN, Infor OS and Java

ADDITIONAL MODULE: Context-based mail plug-in
RESULTS: More time for day-to-day business and customer satisfaction, lowering the error rate to nearly zero

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Infor LN/Baan Add-ons

Cronon BXLS 2.0

  • Just insert Infor LN / Baan reports in Excel and edit them immediately

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Fast start + Plug&Play

  • Introduce Infor LN fast – hosting, operation and consulting included

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Extended dunning history


  • Repeat of reminders in Infor LN and Infor Baan IV

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MantisBT connection


  • Cross-system maintenance of InforLN, Bug Tracker, Infor LN Project, and Time Tracking

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Your contact persons Ivan Dreznjak and Dietmar Müller are happy to help regarding any ERP or ECM topics.