The new kind of connection

Are you able to quickly and efficiently organise and analyse your business information?

Infor ION enables an entirely new kind of connection. Infor ION supports a smooth flow of information across practically the entire range of software in your company.

For instance, your ERP system can be linked directly with web services. Processes can also be linked in company networks throughout the entire ERP system. This enables your staff to collaborate using the entire variety of applications, regardless of their department.

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Infor ION simplifies the process of sharing information and joint data storage, helping small to medium-sized enterprises introduce workflows across the boundaries of individual applications. In this, Infor ION draws on open data standards.

Infor ION comprises the following components

an intuitive graphical user interface for configuring all Infor ION components. Infor ION Desk places IT administrators and end users alike in a position to monitor and manage their workflow status and document data traffic. Furthermore, the system permits the identification of workflow irregularities and monitoring of performance indicators, while introducing greater transparency to overall network efficiency.

a common foundation for communications and secure, shared data use across all applications – regardless of whether these applications are hosted on servers inside the company, in the cloud or in hybrid implementations.

this component enables you to pass on information and tasks within an automated workflow while monitoring their execution.

this event manager lets you define relevant business events that represent the basis for downstream workflow stages.

User reports on Infor OS

Introduction Mail PlugIn with Infor LN, Infor OS and Java

ADDITIONAL MODULE: Context-based mail plug-in
RESULTS: More time for day-to-day business and customer satisfaction, lowering the error rate to nearly zero

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