Process optimization for the entire supply chain

Do you want to quickly and precisely record the flow of materials throughout your entire company?

In this case, you should take a closer look at the transactions that Infor Warehouse Mobility offers!

Infor Warehouse Mobility comes with a broad spectrum of helpful transactions across the entire supply chain:

Transactions that streamline receipt of goods and warehouse movements, minimise errors and provide information in real time:

  • Receipt of goods with direct stock entry and automatic label printing
  • External processing with reports on work cycle and production jobs
  • Incoming goods inspections
  • Processing of returns and follow-up deliveries
  • Inventory support
  • Label-based stocktaking
  • Warehouse management

Transactions that report production and manufacturing data in real time:

  • Report completion of work cycle
  • Report completion of production job
  • Start/stop of work cycle with logged time
  • Report of hours taken

Transactions for material flow that seamlessly complement and upgrade the warehouse functionalities of your Infor LN/Baan system

  • Kanban
  • Consignment warehouse
  • Super shipping
  • Storage space movements
  • Automatic creation of delivery slips and freight documents

User reports for Infor Warehouse Mobility

Infor WM at Migration to Infor LN 6.1 FP5

TRANSACTIONS: Receipt of goods, goods receipt labels, warehouse transfer, picking, finish operations, stock transfer, stock inquiry, inventory picking and efficient control

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Infor Warehouse Mobility on Infor Baan IV

TRANSACTIONS: goods receipt, B2Bar server software, goods receipt, putaway, inventory corrections, warehouse transfer, physical inventory, inventory query

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Infor Warehouse Mobility on Infor Baan IV

TRANSACTIONS: Starter Bundle – incoming goods, putaway, relocation, picking; Unplanned material removal for
Production incl. Outsourcing procedure, administration of goods, incoming inspection, dynamic provisioning (crossdocking)

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Solutions for Infor Warehouse Mobility

Infor WM Kanban

  • Simplify material management in production

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Infor WM Transactions

  • Record material movements precisely and control them efficiently

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