Are your databases optimised and secure?

An optimised database speeds up your work, while a secure database is the best means of protecting highly sensitive company data.

The services that Cronon GmbH offers cover a broad range, beginning with the development of database concepts and structures, and extending from individual databases through to the automated generation of standardised database systems.

Our services at a glance

  • Development of database concepts and structures

  • Capacity planning

  • Selection and procurement of suitable hardware and software

  • Installation and configuration of databases

  • Data migration

  • Design and realisation of access rights and quotas

  • Planning and implementation of backup/recovery scenarios

  • Performance analysis and optimisation

  • Monitoring

  • Implementation and configuration of database monitoring

  • System maintenance updates (switching versions)

  • Upgrades (installing new servers and/or operating systems)

  • Specific client training

  • Licensing

Services around your databases

Cronon Oracle Service Monitoring

  • Improve central management of the Oracle infrastructure

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Cronon Oracle Service Maintenance

  • Keep databases up-to-date and increase system stability

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Cronon Oracle Service Backup/Recovery

  • Continuous backup of the databases with the greatest possible data availability

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Do you have any questions?

Your contact persons Ivan Dreznjak and Dietmar Müller are happy to help regarding any ERP or ECM topics.